Jazzing IT up with MERLOT

Was it another webhead summit? Was it a SL gathering? Was it a meeting in ALADO, or was it a Webhead Chat being webcast?


Well, I guess that in a way it was a little bit of everything. And thanks to Bee ( the keynote speaker), Andy Pincon, Carla Arena and Jeff Lebow – our Techie Masters, we were able to be part of one fabulous experience and join the MERLOT Event in one or more of the above mentioned venues, even without setting foot from our whereabouts.

Bee Dieu is a great speaker. She is always innovative in the way she engages the audience in a very stimulating conversation. And she was generous to share it with us too, as she invited us all to be in New Orleans with her.

Here is a print screen of the Barocay Island where some of us met.


But you can get more about Bee’s presentation from the wiki Bee has developed for this occasion.

Networking, collaboration, engagement, (ongoing) learning, open learning spaces were words associated with Bee’s talk.

It sure was an inspiring approach. You’ve just made History! And you also made us part of it. I learned a lot today.

Thank You Bee for contributing to my learning…once again!

Recording available here.

It was Bee who also gave me the 1st tour in SL and who took me shopping! :-)

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  1. Dear Cris,

    Techie, me?! You gotta be kidding! I was there just like you learning with Bee and with Jeff, our Webcasting King! It was certainly an enriching experience.


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