eLearning Africa

Today during the plenary sessions I heard about elearaning Africa. The fully got my attention after that phrase!

And I found out that Senegal is a leading country in Africa whne it comes to use ICT in education. There was no way I was going to let this chance escape. You all know how passionate I am about Africa and how people engage there with this kind of things. They make a conversation out of everything and my latest experiences have been that teachers over there really welcome participatory media do communicate. After all, that’s what they do better.

And so, this afternoon I set mind to go and meet Dr Mor Seck. I thought they would never let me talk to him, but that at least he would send a representant t talk to me. When I got to the Senegal stand, Dr Mor Seck himself was there, and kindly accepted to talk a little bit about the Elearning Africa conference which will take place this coming May in Senegal. The call for papers is out and if you have a change do submit something. You will learn so much with this people. Their enthusiasm is just contagious. If you don’t believe just watch the video below. That’s just a glipse to the whole story of course!

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