Online Educa 08 – Post 3

We are still at the Online educa, and there is loads to report about about. I will try to write a more detailed post once i get back to the Uk – I need sometime to reflect and digest all the expereinces and emotions. Meanwhile, I wil just jot dow some of the highlights of this amazing event, which hosts extraordinary opportunities for real networking.

Yesterday late afternoon Heike Philps, another webhead, arrived all the way from Freiburg. She wasn’t even supposed to come but once she learned Buthaina and I would be here, she decided to come. That really made our day! It was a small, yet fun webhead party. In the evening it was microblogging talk, and man did we twittered. We are natural twitters and we twitter as esaly online as we d face to face. Above all it was a quite relax gathering of people who were already follwoing each other via microblogging. We provided our opinions and ways in which we use microblogging, and we even counted with the presence of Wolfgang Reinhadt who came all the way from Potsdam just for this 2 hour discussion. That was indeed impressive.

Today, as i write this, and I sat here at the Marlene bar with Steve Wheeler, from the University of Plymouth, who kindly has agreed to give us an interview on his presentation about web 2.0 tools and collaboration. He also shares his thoughts about Online Educa. The interview finishes with Steve talking about the Conference he is organizing at the Plymouth next year. The conference is entitled Boundary Changes:Redefining Learning Spaces, and seems to be an event NOT to miss. There is still time to submit your paper, and the interview is worth listening to. Check it out in the link below.

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