Still about Online Educa 2008

The reason why it took me longer to upload the short videos I recorded during Online Educa Berlin 2008 has to do with the fact that I had planned to do some post-editing on the video. Well, that naturally didn’t happen, as I haven’t been able to come up with anything decent. The sound quality is not the best (the background noise is quite disturbing, and I wasn’t able to get rid of it). It will teach me to find a better place to interview people from!!!! On the other hand, it conveys quite well the atmosphere of one of the major events in Online Education in Europe. It’s a busy environment, it radiates activity, it sets the scene for enthusiastic conversations, and it definitely the place for networking! So the videos that follow are representative of this big feast which brought people from over 90 countries together to discuss about several topics related with online education.

The main purpose of these videos was to convey a tiny, little bit of that atmosphere, and also share some of the ideas we discussed during these two days with some of the brilliant minds I met there.

I am writing this text, and thinking that this might have been a kind of apologies for my lack of technical skills, but it is not just that. It is more of a reflection about how I am using these communication tools, and addressing some of the technical issues. I am an educator, not a technician. My main purpose is to convey the message, and above all to establish channels of communication, and keep those open as part of learning opportunities. Other people might choose to join and contribute to it by engaging in this collective, open discussion. And that’s my main goal. I am using technology to reach to a wider world.; to broaden my horizons too. Participatory media, the made-easier technology has allowed people like me to also take part in a more technical side. We are using it on our own!! Not so much from a professional/technical perspective, but grabbing any opportunity for spontaneously learn and create instance where others can learn too. And in part, that’s the reason why the material is rough…, but also genuine. The quality is not super, and could have been improved, had I had the time and the skills, but the fact is that I can still publish my amateur ‘production’ for others to see. And even though it’s not top quality, people will get something out of it… I hope!

With this I am not saying we should all do what I am doing here – I believe we reach a point when we are already so used to the technology that we need to seek new challenges – and that will include improving our rough content with more professional-like post-production work. I obviously haven’t yet reached that level, when it comes to video editing. However, it hasn’t stopped me from creating and publishing my material. If you are going to like it or find any added-value in it, it’s another story…But that only you can say. And I will also learn from your comments! :-)

So, the first video, is a small interview Graham Attwell recording with my brief views on online Educa Berlin 2008 (you might want to skip this one :D )

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