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So today I don’t have many words. Well, to be exact, I have none. I think Heidi says it all in the video below.

This is set in the context of school education, but if we are able to see beyond it, we will realise that in any other learning context… in any other life context actually! Things should not be that different. They would just require some adaptation…

And doesn’t every classroom? Every learning context? Every learning transaction between students and teachers; learners and mentors… people?

Believing is everything; acting according to your principles just as essential…

For me personally, helping others advance in their knowledge and experience is to provide learning opportunities similar to the ones I’d like to be provided with..

And I think Heidi sums up that really well with a thought from Ghandi:

Be the change you want to see in the world!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! You so often send ideas so useful exactly at that moment. ‘I liked to share that Gandhi quote some time ago – when I still didn’t realize that it means that it’s *me* (who says the quote) who needs to give oneself a daily chance to try different opinions – and then learn to really utilize that chance and put it in practice. Values are usually mentioned in corporate strategies. And we learn that behind values are beliefs, world views – the ice-berg metaphor. Changing that all feels too time consuming. We let things remain as they are.

    What if we tried changing one opinion at a time and a day. The one that comes most natural and first? Because isn’t it too often based on what we presume that the others think of? (Of what they think of what we think…) And so we let things remain…

    It would (it will – i believe) be interesting to see strategies of a number of organizations beginning with: Each of us practices trying at least a little different opinion than what we decided to say aloud yesterday. -Because, isn’t it actually so, that more of us than we think have not got an attitude problem what comes to implementing the change that Gandhi talked about. It’s the saying-aloud-our-opinion phase where keep things remaining stuck…

    In this process social media / networks is a different aid than anything before (maybe after the times of when information was exchanged by gathering to campfires during nights – a popular metaphor for social media currently in Finland). Social networks – after learning to put the effort of careful filtering and supporting others with the results -offers an excellent field of trying to say aloud a little different opinion than what the initial presumption was. Social media actually is a way of improving our thinking skills?!

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