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I am still in Porto, at the Faculty of Engineering , in the University of Porto. Yesterday I did a short presentation about the use of Social Media in Higher Education for the eLearning @FEUP workshop. I mainly focused on some projects I have been developing at the University Salford, but everything went so quickly […]

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  1. Incredible days are just passing – so many conferences with so much discussion going on!!! Searching for good examples – this one thing we all participating in this process have managed to achieve. Nothing like this existed for everyone to participate for free some years ago. When we’ve taken this 1st – quite big – step, why wouldn’t we win the obstacles of next ones as well!!

    I just read interesting news: The nationwide, national broadcasting company of my country has decided to train their whole staff for becoming social / using social media. Some key notices I made:
    -duration is 2 years – getting used by repeating things takes time
    -using people from networks of completely different branches as trainers / coaches (very important, I’ve been one of guest lecturers during the pilot phase that’s just ending. Broadcasting, like universities etc. is a territory where people are used to think that they and only they know their special branch. This has been one big success factor. Using enthusiastic people sharing their own examples. Not remaining stuck with the staff arguing with each other whether things will succeed or not. There has simply been no room for such at all.)
    -today I read from a 1st social media workshop for a new group. Computers were not used at all!!! Students needed to plan a new process. Then trainers said “what everything has surprisingly changed -> now explain how social media helps you to take corrective actions”. Ways of being social, not ways of using computers.

    This will be a most interesting case to participate and follow when made real in a big state owned company. I’m fascinated that these REAL cases begin to appear. Arguing whether this or that theory (as main content in development processes) would work is soon history!

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